178 same name of people broke the Guinness Book Of World Record

178 same-name of people broke the Guinness Book Of World Record

Many people wish their name should also come in the Guinness Book of World Records. in the Guinness Book. And today, we will talk About one Guinness World Record.

Suppose you and your friend have the same name. Both of you are together, and someone calls your name from behind. Both of you turn back and look at the one who called you—the Guinness Book of World Records of people with the same name.

They strung together people with the same name in a Tokyo cinema, where they brought together 178 people with the same name. Everyone's name was Hirokazu Tanakas. Everyone's pet names were also given to know him.

Can you spend 5.4M Euros to buy Toy Car?

Can you spend 5.4M Euros to buy a Toy Car?

  • There is no dearth of mad or smart people in this world. People who use money a lot. If I ask you something, how much money can you spend on a toy car? 
  • Maybe you can say Ahh 100$, 200$ or 1000$.
  • But there is even much more than people's spent their money buying expensive toys.Here I will give you the fact about two toy cars that sold at an expensive price.
  • First I like to mention the Aston Martin DBS Toy car which the price sold is 100000$. Yes, you heard the real price of this toy car. However, there is a much more expensive toy car Lamborghini Aventador Gold which is made purely of gold , and the total price of this toy car is nearly 5.4 M Euros. 
  • If I have more money to use then I will go on family holidays rather than buy these expensive toys. 
  • What would you prefer if you have money like this?

Super Computer Runs The Asian Paints Company?

Super Computer Runs The Asian Paints Company?

How did starting from a small garage become India's 1st color company with a market cap of 2.67 trillion?

  • We are talking about The Asian Paints Company, which has become an enormous color company from a small garage. 
  • The Asian Paints company was established on 1 February 1942 in Gaiwadi, Mumbai. The rent of the garage was Rs. 75 per month. 
  • In 1970, Asian Paints became the first private company to buy a supercomputer.
  • This computer predicts according to the data analytics which color will be in demand in the market.
  • Because of this, Asian Paints got a different boom.
  • Different companies adopted this technology but only for payroll and administration work.
  • So Asian Paints adopted supercomputers to improve the sales of the color according to demands.